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Standard ink colors (those done without a PMS color match charge) are shown below by product category. When standard ink colors are not used, there will be a PMS matching charge of $30(g). PMS matches may not be exact and will vary by product category due to the different ink systems used. PMS match may not be available for some colors or in some product categories. The numbers included below refer to PMS#.

Ink Chart #5
Puff Inks: white, bright yellow, med. green, purple, med. blue, khaki, lt. orange, bright pink, med. brown. Flat Inks: white, black, orange, red, navy, purple, dk. brown, royal blue, med. green, bright green, athletic gold, shimmer gold, shimmer silver.  PMS color matching not available. Note: Puff ink is standard for colors available. For detailed art, we recommend flat ink where available.

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