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General Information

Blankware - is generally available (in catalog quantities) for shipment within 24-48 hours from receipt of your order and will be invoiced at end qty price plus freight. Sewn products and gift sets will be available for shipment within standard production time.

Cancellations - If an order is cancelled during any stage of production, a $25(z) charge plus all costs incurred prior to receipt of cancellation notice will be invoiced. This may include art, screen and production charges including materials and labor. All cancellations must be submitted in writing.

Catalog Imprints & Photos - Imprinted logos shown in this catalog (or any of our printed literature) appear only to show the ability to include messages/ advertising on our products. They are not shown to suggest that these products are available to any purchaser with these imprints. Photos in this catalog may not represent exact colors of the products and/or imprint colors shown due to photographic, printing and manufacturing variables. Where color is critical for the product color, we recommend that you order a pre-production sample of the color in question prior to placing your actual order. No returns or allowances will be made for these types of variations.

Catalogs & Flyers - Custom Printing full-line catalogs are sent at no charge up to a quantity of three. Orders for more than three will be invoiced at $2.00 each plus applicable freight charges. Promotional flyers in reasonable quantities will be sent at no charge when requested. Determination of what is a reasonable quantity shall be at Custom Printing’s sole discretion.

Collections - Accounts requiring collection will be liable for all collection costs, including all fees, costs, and expenses incurred.

Co-op/Catalog Pricing - pricing is handled on an individual basis. Please call factory for a quote and details.

Printing Processes - Glass and ceramic items are imprinted by silk-screen process using ceramic colors and fired at a temperature of approximately 1200 to 1400 degrees. Every ceramic imprint, with the exception of metallic gold or platinum is dishwasher safe. However, care should be exercised when using abrasive cleaners or caustic detergents. Foam, plastic and textile products are silk-screened using vinyl, plastic or textile inks. With reasonable use these inks will provide a long-lasting imprint. Textile imprints may have limited durability caused by use and cleaning methods. Many washing and cleaning methods may change appearance of imprints and the item itself. Mouse Pads, Totes, Fold Flat Insulators and mugs with 4-color process are a dye sublimation process and yield a relatively durable imprint with normal use. Stainless Steel items are screen printed. Home/office, leisure items and candle tins are pad printed.

Custom Quotes - There will be no charge for quoting custom sewn items that are similar in design to products offered in our line with changes to size or materials. Please allow 24 to 72 hours for these quotes. Any other custom quotes will be subject to a custom quote fee of $25(z) and you should allow 48-72 hours for these quotes. All requests for custom quotes should be submitted in writing to minimize the risk of misunderstanding of specifications. Any custom sample requested will be subject to a minimum fee of $35(z) plus cost of materials.

Factory Hours - Monday through Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm Central Time. Holiday schedule may vary depending on production requirements, please check with factory for schedule on upcoming holidays for time critical orders.

Half-tone Silk Screened Printing - Half tone or dot patterns are available on most items however, imprint clarity will vary due to the nature of the screen-printing process. A pre production sample is highly recommended. Due to the varying quality of fax machines, fax paper proofs are not recommended for half tone logos.

Imprint Color Changes Are available within a run. Ink color changes will be subject to full case lots and screen wash up charges will apply-see item #39. Imprint must remain the same.

Imprint Quality - Glass/Ceramic Colors: Most PMS colors can be matched and the charge is $30(g) per color. However, due to nature of ceramic inks an exact match cannot be guaranteed. Some PMS colors cannot be matched. Lighter ink colors may appear darker on dark colored mugs. Precious Metal Ink: Imprints or accents with precious metal imprints are not permanent and it is recommended that they be hand washed. Microwavable gold will not appear as “shiny” as 22K gold. The inks are NOT dishwasher safe. Puff Inks: On “folds flat” beverage insulators, puff-ink is the standard ink for most colors & flat inks are used for those colors that do not print well in puff. Available as an option (with an additional charge) on foam products. May be used for one-color imprints only. PMS matches are not available for puff inks. Some fonts are not conducive for use with puff ink due to “fill-in”. Fine lines & small point sizes will not reproduce well. Recommend minimum pt. size of 14 when using puff ink.
Textile Inks: Imprints have a limited durability affected by use and cleaning methods. PMS color matches available, but not necessarily an exact match, for most colors and charge is $30(g) per color. Plastic Inks: Are considered relatively durable and it is recommended that they be cleaned with a soft cloth and warm water. PMS color matches not available. Stainless Steel: Imprints are considered relatively durable and comparable to what would be expected of ceramics. PMS matches not available. See Item 28 for stainless with plastic liners.

Imprint Registration - A tolerance of 1/16” in any direction must be allowed. This tolerance meets industry standards and will be considered acceptable.

Imprint Size and Location - All orders must specify imprint size and location or standard placement will be given according to item. Orders not specifying imprint size will be sized at factory’s sole discretion as to best appearance. On sublimated items (where applicable), if full bleed imprint is required, it must be noted. See Art Instructions on page 5 for further information.

Item Color Changes - Are available within a run. Unless otherwise specified in absolute minimum information for the item, product color changes will be subject to full case lots.

Order Quantities - All items must be ordered in full case increments. Orders not in full case increments will be increased or decreased to the closest full case lot.

Out of Stock Situations - Inventory levels are subject to change without notice and out of stock situations may occur.  Factory will suggest suitable substitution if applicable. If order is held until stock arrives, order will be rescheduled once ware is received at factory and will be prioritized based on capacity. Factory will not absorb expedited freight due to out of stock situations.

Overruns and Underruns - All one color imprint orders are subject to a variance of 5% over or under and will be considered as fulfillment of the order. For multicolor imprints, 10% plus or minus will be considered acceptable. Orders specifying no overruns are subject to short shipment of up to 10%. Orders specifying no underruns are subject to over shipment of up to 10%. Orders specifying exact quantity will be charged $25(z).

Payment Terms - Cash in advance, including estimated freight, unless prior credit arrangements have been made. Credit terms are net 30 days from date of shipment. Cash orders are considered incomplete until full payment is received. All customers outside of U.S. must send cashiers check or money order, U.S. funds only, including freight charges prior to order being processed. Orders received from customers with past due accounts will be held until past due charges are paid in full and may be subject to prepay unless prior arrangements are made with our credit department. Mastercard and Visa are acceptable for any order. C.O.D. orders are not accepted. A service charge of 1-1/2% per month (18% APR) will be charged on accounts over 30 days past due.

Phone/Fax/Email orders - We will not accept any order by phone. Faxed orders acceptable for exact repeats, repeats with copy changes, blankware, orders with straight line copy only or orders where artwork has been sent by a method other than fax. We will not accept orders with faxed art. Fax to 254-939-1322. We will accept orders sent by email to Express orders email to Please send order via email at the same time art is sent to expedite processing of your order.

Prices Subject to Change - All pricing is subject to change without notice.

Product Capacity/Size/Color - All product capacities, sizes, weights & specifications are approximates and subject to change without notice.

Production Time - We will process and ship orders for catalog quantities according to the production times listed for each item. Applicable production times are listed on each item description page for the items on that page. Production time is applicable from time of receipt of order and art at our factory after approved credit terms or payment is received and after order/art questions are answered. Any revisions, credit problems or circumstances beyond our control may delay the scheduled ship date. Proofs will require three days and speculative or pre-production samples will require 5-10 days. Upon receipt of approval in writing, these orders will be scheduled for normal production time. See item# 37 for Quickship information.

Random Samples - are generally available for all of our product line for shipment within 72 hours from receipt of your request. Random Samples are invoiced at catalog end quantity price plus applicable freight charges. Blankware samples are available on the same terms as random samples for use as photographic/mock-up only. Blank color swatches, where applicable, will be sent at no charge. Random samples cannot be returned for credit.

Returns - All claims must be filed within 30 days of shipment and must have return authorization number assigned by factory. Any returns without prior factory authorization will be refused. Random samples may not be returned for credit. Returns for credit or adjustment are subject to quality inspection by factory. Credit or adjustments will be allowed only for that part of the shipment found to be of unacceptable quality (as determined by the factory). For lock bags, any returns beyond 30 days will require return authorization number and must be returned freight prepaid. Upon receipt product will be inspected and if found to be normal wear & tear, repair charges would be applicable to any repairs made.

Terms, Conditions, Legalities - Factory accepts orders as being in full compliance with all applicable laws and in full awareness and agreement of Custom Printing General Pricing, Shipping Information & Policies as set forth in this catalog. Customer represents that the copy to be imprinted on the items ordered will not violate any laws regarding trademark and/or licensing infringement. Customer agrees to hold harmless and defend Custom Printing line from and against all claims and expenses for any copyright, trademark, patent or other infringement claimed or incurred in connection with the order or catalog display of the imprinted items ordered. On some logos we may require a letter of authorization for use of the logo. To prevent any delays in processing, please send with order a letter on your client’s letterhead indicating their authorization to use the logo. Products in this catalog may be patented, have patents pending or be subject to various copyright and/or property rights of CPI and/or it’s owners and principals. These products may not be reproduced in any way (in whole or in part) without express written permission from CPI.

Union Label - Union label/bugs not available.

Ware Quality & Care - Glass & Ceramic: due to inherent properties, small imperfections may be evident on some pieces that do not diminish the effectiveness or appeal of the product and will be considered normal & acceptable quality. Variations in materials, firing temperature, glaze and ink pigments may result in variances in glaze, imprint color & appearance; which must be considered acceptable. Size and color variations within reasonable tolerances may occur within an order or from order to order. Glass & ceramic products are tested for food use and can be used in complete confidence. Foam products: Light foam colors tend to discolor in less time than darker colors. For best results, factory recommends using darker foam colors with lighter color imprints. Foam products may vary, within reasonable tolerances, in thickness or size and may vary within an order or from order to order. No returns or discounts will be allowed for discoloration or thickness of foam. Plastics: Igloo® products are known for their quality construction and materials. Due to circumstances beyond our control, features may change from order to order. All Igloo products are backed by Igloo's 5 Year Product Warranty against material and workmanship defects. Warranty replacements will be unimprinted. Sewn Products: Materials may have slight variances within an order or from order to order with regards to fabric dye lots (color), weight or size of finished product. Fabric care-For Poly-Cotton Twill & Cotton Duck, if washing is necessary, we recommend hand washing in cold water and line dry. DO NOT BLEACH. Tex-O-Leather, Sierra, Clear vinyl & Other Materials- wiping with soft cloth using warm water is recommended. Stainless Steel items with plastic liners: These items are NOT DISHWASHER SAFE. The use of dissimilar materials, stainless & plastic liner, may cause expansion & contraction if washed in dishwasher allowing water to become trapped between the walls of the mug. Home/Office and Leisure items are decorated using pad-printing processes. Molded plastic materials vary in color in the manufacturing process. Plastic accent colors may not be exact matches with ink colors used in the decoration process. Candles can be dangerous products and common sense should be used when burning them. Follow all directions on the warning labels. “Candle will be hot do not touch wax or flame. Keep burning candle within sight. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Never burn candle on or near anything that can catch fire. Discontinue use when 1/4” of wax remains.” Wicks contain zinc core for stability and DO NOT contain any lead or lead by-products. In container candles room temperature changes may cause the wax to pull away from the container. This is normal and is not a manufacturing defect.

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