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Standard Ink Imprint Colors
Standard ink colors (those done without a PMS color match charge) are shown below by chart number. When standard ink colors are not used, there will be a PMS matching charge of $30(g). PMS matches may not be exact and will vary by product category due to the different ink systems used. PMS match may not be available for some colors or in some product categories. The numbers included below refer to PMS#.
Ink Chart #2
Gold, Black, White, Milky Mat, *Silver, 124 Yellow, 165 Orange, 179 Vermillion, 186 Red, 202 Maroon, 267 Purple, Reflex Blue, Ultramarine Blue, 281 Navy, 286 Blue, 287 Deep Blue, 2945 Brilliant Blue, 300 Blue, 334 Brilliant Green, 347 Kelly Green, 394 Lemon, 3308 Dk. Green, 476 Brown, 7425 Carmine Red, 7481 Light Green.  *Little contrast in the silver-recommend pre-production sample.  PMS color matching is available. Note: Gold and silver inks are not microwave safe.
Ink Chart #3
white, black, 108 yellow, 348 green, 281 blue, silver, 200 red. PMS color matching limited. Acrylic products.
Ink Chart #4
white, reflex blue, process blue, black, 109 bright yellow, 123 athletic gold, 168 brown, 179 orange, 187 red, 195 maroon, 212 lt. pink, 227 dk. magenta, 228 maroon, 233 cerise, 234 fuchsia, 268 purple, 282 navy, 285 med. blue, 321 aqua, 328 teal, 347 kelly green, 349 dk. green, 430 gray, 874 metallic gold, 877 metallic silver, 2627 passion purple, 3305 georgia green, 4545 ivory. For leatherwrap and foam products, as well as KC409.
Ink Chart #5
Puff Inks: white, bright yellow, med. green, purple, med. blue, khaki, lt. orange, bright pink, med. brown, PMS color match not available. Flat Inks: white, black, orange, red, navy, purple, dk. brown, royal blue, med. green, bright green, athletic gold, shimmer gold, shimmer silver. PMS color matching not available. Note: Puff ink is standard for colors available. For detailed art, we recommend flat ink where available. Can coolers and LT600.
Ink Chart #6
white, warm red, reflex blue c, process blue, black, 109 bright yellow, 123 athletic gold, 168 brown, 179 red orange, 186 red, 187 red, 220 rubine red, 227 cerise, 228 maroon, 268 purple, 282 navy, 286 royal blue, 321 aqua, 328 teal, 343 dk. green, 348 emerald green, 430 gray, 874 metallic gold, 877 metallic silver, 2925 lt. blue, 2728 brilliant blue. For clear vinyl and tex-o-leather products.
Ink Chart #7
012 yellow, 123 athletic gold, 165 orange, 349 green, 802 neon green, 812 neon pink, 2695 purple, 2925 light blue, white, black, metallic gold, metallic silver. To match webbing-tan, 137 yellow gold, 186 red, 229 burgundy, 288 royal blue, 289 navy, 334 green, 407U gray, 476 brown (state on order to match webbing color). For 600 denier, non-woven and duck products, as well as jute totes and towels.
Ink Chart #8
white, black, 1205 cream, 123 athletic gold, 172 orange, 193 red, 287 royal blue, 348 emerald green, 871 metallic gold, 877 metallic silver. PMS color matching limited. For 70 denier, 200 denier, and nyloglo products, as well as VT100, NW31 & SSL3.
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