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TH500 - Executive Thermos

Sales Idea: Handy 16oz. stainless steel thermos Unscrew top and wash easily. Comes with leatherette carrying case in gift box.

Target Customers: Truckers, Construction Companies, Travel Agencies, Production Companies, and Auto Dealers.

Slogans: “Keeps it hot, keeps it cold and it always hits the spot!”

Case Histories: Trucking companies gives as gifts for truckers and Auto Dealers give them to new buyers to use in auto as it won’t Spill. Great for families traveling to Weddings.

TT504 - Techno Tote w15-3/4" x 15-1/2" x 4"

Sales Idea: Hottest tote bag going. So versatile anyone would use it to carry Books or lap top computers etc. Zippered gusset, pouch, zippered top closure and adjustable handle straps.

Target Customers: Schools, Hospitals, Home Care Nurses, Tax & Accounting Firms and Technology Companies. Great Teacher appreciation Gift.

Slogans:The most versatile tote on the market.

Case Histories: Schools use them for teacher appreciation gifts at the beginning of the school year. They carry books and papers home to grade. Soon all the schools in the district will be asking for them.

N21CT - Standard Bank Bag

Sales Idea:A great bag for money, coupons and any important papers. Keep papers dry, neat and together.

Target Customers:Banks, Credit Unions, Pizza Companies, Insurance Companies and Emergency Services.

Slogans:A great bag to protect important papers and money.

Case Histories:Auto Dealers are giving them to new car buyers for placing important auto papers in glove compartments.

CM2000W - White Economy Mug

Sales Idea:11 oz white stoneware, the price leader in the industry. Great bargain with many uses.

Target Customers:Churches, Freight Carriers, Bed & Breakfast, Coffee Shops, Equipment Dealers, Banks and Restaurants.

Slogans:A great way to warm your message.

Case Histories:This is a great way to get your message to others. You can imprint the handle and all sides of the mug. The handle is an ideal place to imprint a web site address or e-mail address.

SGH1 - Padded Glass Case

Sales Idea:Great item for outdoor activities. Made of scuba material with clip for attaching to bags.

Target Customers:Golf pro shop, Family Reunions, Auto Dealers, Opticians, Sporting Goods Stores and any organization planning outdoor activities.

Slogans:Keep your glasses safe and scratch free.

Case Histories:A golfing event used these as a give-away for their players.

LT70 - Igloo 1/2 Gal. Beverage Jug

Sales Idea:This is a wonderful solid cooler by a great manufacturing company with a warranty.

Target Customers:Employee Incentives, Home Builders, Sports Teams, Adventure Groups, Health & Medical Organizations and Safety Awards.

Slogans:Keeps cool drinks cold in summer.

Case Histories:Effectively used as a combination gift set by placing two of the Chiller beverage insulators inside. They fit perfectly and you get a 3 piece gift set for under $ 8.00.

BC25 - Bottle Holder

Sales Idea:Wonderful holder for water bottles and larger drinks to keep them cold.

Target Customers:Anyone carrying water or large drink bottles for events or just out walking.

Slogans:Keeps water cool for a long time.

Case Histories:Any outdoor or community events as a give away where water bottles or large drinks are being served. Super for the new large beer cans.

JUTELG - Jute Tote Bag - w17" x 13-1/2" x 8" gusset

Sales Idea:New Eco friendly tote bag for grocery shopping and beach going. Made out of jute. Very eco-friendly and popular.

Target Customers:People going to the beach or to the store to do any kind of shopping.

Slogans:This is truly a green bag.

Case Histories:One of the most eco-friendly tote bags a grocery store or Specialty store could use. Especially the higher end stores. Reasonably priced with no set up for one color makes it attractive for any event.

BI800 - Polar Pal Can Cooler

Sales Idea:Economy beverage holder is an industry leader. This foam cooler keeps your cold drinks cold for a long time.

Target Customers:Contractors, Golf Clubs, Athletic Events, Picnics, Reunions and any Organization or Company.

Slogans:Great for boats and keeping cans really cold.

Case Histories:These have been a great low price give-away for Company activities. Family reunions love to have a memento to keep.

N21BSCC - 4-Color Coin Purse

Sales Idea:Add a Key Ring and you have a great coin key chain for placing Coins conveniently for parking garages and parking Meters.

Target Customers:Auto dealers, banks, golfers, conventions.

Slogans:A great bag for coins and small things.

Case Histories:Sell together with 4 color bank bag to auto dealers to give to customers as they will have a use at the steering column to hold coins at parking areas.


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